May 23, 2021

Behind the Microscope: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is a Dutch microscopist who was the first to observe bacteria and protozoa through the use of a single-lens microscope. He is widely […]
May 17, 2021

Different Types of Microscopes

If you’re new to the world of microscopy, you may still be getting used to the terminology. When you hear “microscope”, what kind of microscope do […]
May 11, 2021

Microscopic Authentication of Herbal Products

Have you ever made a nice cup of warm tea on a rainy day and thought: “I wonder if this herbal tea has been authenticated by […]
May 2, 2021

Aberration and other light distortions

That’s no moon! That’s… a distortion of our specimen caused by a phenomenon called aberration. (Is it safe to assume the Venn diagram of Star Wars […]
April 26, 2021

Mobile Microscopes: Research on the go

It’s become a bit of a sitcom trope lately that parents are always asking their kids to put down their phones. But many don’t see their […]
April 24, 2021

The History of Microscope Illumination Methods

We’ve blogged about light sources before, but there’s another side to the story of perfecting your microscope imaging. Microscope illumination methods are equally as important as […]
April 22, 2021

SEM and Diagnostic Pathology

Scanning electron microscopy (or SEM for short) has long been used to create incredibly detailed images of our microscopic world. There is arguably no other instrument […]
April 22, 2021

Material Science Microscopes

A Quick Overview Material science is truly an interdisciplinary field. It combines chemistry, physics, chemistry, and engineering in order to advance the discovery of new materials. […]
April 22, 2021

Metallography 101: The Basics

Metallography is the branch of science dealing with the study of the composition and structure of metals and alloys, its control through processing, and its influence […]
March 22, 2021

Simple Microscope Magnifiers

Before we can run, we need to walk. The same feels true for microscopes! Before we dive into some advance concepts, a review of the basics […]
March 14, 2021

All about Phase Contrast Microscopes

Phase contrast microscopes use a special technique to view cells and cell components that would be difficult to see using an ordinary light microscope. Phase contrast […]
March 8, 2021

Mercury Halide vs LED Light Sources

Have you ever wondered about mercury halide vs LED light sources? If you’re staring down a microscope everyday for work, there’s no doubt questions about light […]