Joe Bazydlo

February 22, 2021

High-Demand Microscopes for Researchers

After more than 40 years of service and thousands of delighted customers, we’ve gotten a sense of microscope trends over the years. Some vary by industry, […]
February 21, 2021
teacher showing slides to class

Three great student microscopes

Why do school continually partner with Nuhsbaum when it comes to student microscopes? Simply put, we partner with the most reputable brands and offer the best […]
February 14, 2021

All about brightfield microscopes

Scientists have a specialized word for everything. On the upside, this means that there is little room for ambiguity. On the downside, that means there is […]
January 10, 2021

Everyday food items under a microscope

The holiday season is finally over. For some that is a welcome relief, especially if the weight of planning all those holiday meals fell on your […]