Leica IMS500 HD digital classroom

The Leica IMS500 HD digital classroom creates a new environment for students to absorb and understand the specimens they are observing. At the heart of the IMS500 HD is increased student participation, comprehension, and retention of detailed microscopic structures and processes. With teacher guided microscopy and image sharing throughout the classroom, the Leica IMS500 accomplishes these goals.

Microscopy labs for university students need to be an attractive interactive environment in order to capture and maintain students attention. The Leica IMS500 HD delivers this interaction with simple keypad control for the teacher along with the high quality images expected from Leica microscopes and cameras.

In an IMS500 HD digital classroom each student has a microscope and camera to view his or her sample. The camera is connected to a centralized unit which can be controlled by the teacher. So when one student discovers an exceptional example of a structure, organism, or feature, the image can be quickly displayed to the lab group or classroom. Additionally, the image can be quickly captured to a removable SD card for image sharing!

The Leica IMS500 HD integrates the student into the lab session and provides positive motivation. With the wireless tablet controlling the system, the teacher is free to walk around the class for hands on assistance, while maintaining complete control of which which image is shared and which students (one, group, or all) are receiving the image.

Contact a microscope specialist at W. Nuhsbaum, Inc. to learn more about the Leica IMS500 HD digital classroom!

Key Features:

  • Fast, live high definition images for real time viewing with zero delay
  • “No Computer” necessary for quick setup
  • High Definition Quality Images for sharing the finest microstructures
  • Local data networks or IT is required for seamless operation
  • Simple and fast live image switching for classroom review
  • Intuitive SD card image capture options