Leica TCS SPE point scanning personal confocal

The Leica TCS SPE is an affordable entry to the Leica family of confocals. It combines a straightforward design with high-end, true point-scanning confocal technology. The prism-based spectral detection – unique to all Leica confocal microscopes – and a highly dynamic photomultiplier offer extraordinary signal efficiency for gapless detection of even weak signals. A variety of robust solid-state lasers allow the use of a broad range of common dyes.

The system is intuitively controlled and even users, who are new to confocal microscopy, will get publication-quality results immediately. The software interface minimizes training time and allows the system to be up and running quickly.

The Leica TCS SPE is available in both upright and inverted formats – with the inverted system being fully prepared for the most demanding live cell microscope experiments. The inverted platform can be configured for Leica’s Adaptive Focus Control, a hardware based autofocusing system, spill protection, and incubation for live cell time lapse experiments.

Key Features:

  • True prism based spectral detection
  • Budget friendly
  • Long life solid state lasers
  • Choose from 405nm, 488nm, 532nm, 561nm, or 635nm laser lines
  • Easy to use LAS X software
  • ACS APO corrected optics for perfect registration in XY and Z