Leica BLX Chamber Incubator

The Leica BLX incubator for Leica’s inverted microscope, the DMi8 is designed to deliver more than just “hot air.” The incubation system is also prepared for humidity and carbon dioxide at the sample level, providing more localized control and saving money on expensive gasses. When the incubator is configured with carbon dioxide control, the user is able to adjust the CO2 levels on the device itself or, when properly configured with Leica’s LAS X software platform, in the software as well.

The Leica BLX incubator can also be congfigured with interlocks to make it laser safe for any laser based application that might be added to the system. If the Leica DMi8 is upgraded to FRAP capabilities, spinning disk confocal, TIRF, or photoactivation the Leica BLX is ready to meet the application. In addition to accommodating additional techniques with interlocks, the BLX incubator is also physically large enough and shaped properly to accommodate all of these devices. Even if the application calls for micromanipulators, the Leica BLX incubator will house your manipulators of choice.

In addition to environmental controls, the line of Leica incubation equipment includes, but is not limited to, warming stage inserts, perfusion chambers, stage top incubators, objective heaters, and spill protection.

Key Features:

  • Prepared for warm air, humidity, and CO2 for the longest time lapse experiments
  • Available in laser safe configuration
  • Accomodates multiple devices such as FRAP, spinning disk, and manipulators for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Warming stages, lens heaters, perfusion chambers and spill protection also available