Leica M205C stereo microscope

The Leica M205C stereo microscope revolutionized stereo microscopy by introducing Fusion Optics, which combines industry leading resolution with unmatched depth of field. With an incredible 20.5:1 zoom ratio, the M205C is able to provide perspective on large samples while resolving the smallest details.

The M205C, or M205A for the automated version, has four parfocal and parcentric lenses available to choose from, from 0.63X to the 2.0X lens, which provides 320X magnification and 1050 line paris/mm of resolution. With industry leading resolution, the Leica M205C will resolve structures of less than one micrometer.

Traditionally, resolution and working distance have been at odds. However, with the M205C, an objective lens revolver can give the user access to a large field of view or the highest resolution available on one microscope. With 61.5mm of working distance, the 0.63X lens makes manipulating specimens easy. Sorting and processing even for the smallest details can be carried out easily without changing objectives.

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Key Features:

  • One-of-a-kind resolution of 1050lp/mm enables resolution of structures smaller than 476nm
  • M205C: Continuous electronic readout of the magnification
  • M205A: Motorization of magnification and iris diaphragm
  • 20.5:1 zoom allows overview and detail observation using one instrument

  • Leica M205 C Revolutionary FusionOptics™ which includes:
  • Right channel with high resolution
  • Left channel with high depth of field
  • Information from both channels is combined in the brain
  • Unparalleled resolution, brilliance and depth of field
  • Apochromatically corrected optics