Leica DM6 B automated microscope

The Leica DM6 B automated microscope is a world class research grade microscope that automates and simplifies all phases of microscope operation. From the color LED touch screen to the push button switch between fluorescence and transmitted light, the Leica DM6 B light microscope has the features to make your work easier, faster, and more reproducible.

The Leica DM6 B light microscope can be configured to automate focus, objective turret, or the notoriously difficult DIC. In particular, configuring differential interference contrast (DIC) with the correct polarizers and prisms can be a challenge for new users and a hassle for experienced users. Leica has designed an intelligent microscope that makes DIC simple by moving all necessary components into the light path and recalling the positions of the prisms to produce the best possible DIC image – all with a single touch of a button.

Although automation can be important for repeatability and critical to experimental success, the optical improvements in the Leica DM6 B are what will set your data apart from the rest of the scientific community. With a 19mm field of view for sCOMS cameras such as the Hamamatsu Flash 4 or the pco.edge, you will be able to acquire more cells, tissue, and data in a single field of view. This will produce more brilliant images, but also speed your data acquisition and reduce time to experiment completion.

When the DM6 B automated microscope is connected to LAS X the power of the Leica DM6 B is unleashed. The user has the ability to perform mosaic stitching, time lapse, multi-channel, Z stack experiments – even with software controlled incubation. Software controlled incubation on an upright microscope? Yes, regardless of the microscope stand format, Leica can accommodate your unique experiment.

When The Leica DM6 B is configured with LAS X and a deconvolution license, the system has the capability of becoming an incredible 3D image acquisition and analysis tool. Users can measure volumes, surface area, and even areas within a volume – such as nuclear grains inside a nucleus. The Leica DM6 B is capable of addressing your experimental demands.

With a wide range of digital microscope cameras, powerful LAS X software, and autoamted features to automate and replicate routine tasks, the Leica DM6 B is well suited for your experimental needs.

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Key Features:
  • Automated transmitted light axis, including Leica’s unique, fully automated DIC
  • Motorized fluorescence axis with 5 or 8-position filter cube turret
  • Leica’s unique fluorescence intensity manager (FIM) for fast, accurate, and reproducible adjustment of the fluorescence lighting
  • Motorized Excitation Manager and fast Internal Filter Wheel (IFW) for multiple fluorescences
  • Motorized focus drive and motorized stage with reproducible x, y, and z positions
  • Motorized 7-position objective turret with improved coding
  • One-of-a-kind memory function for simultaneous change of objective and contrast method
  • Convenient Leica SmartTouch touchscreen for controlling the automated modules
  • Optional, external Leica STP6000 SmartTouch Panel for intuitive, convenient remote control of the microscope

  • Download a Leica DM 6 Brochure