Image Pro Premier 3D microscope image analysis software

Image Pro Premier 3D has been developed with the feedback from customers over 30 years of software installations. Image-Pro Premier 3D brings breakthrough technology to users interested in unlocking 3D information from their samples or materials. Offering intuitive tools that make it easy to import, visualize, process, measure, and share valuable data, Image Pro Premier 3D fills the role of a fully featured 3D analysis software suite.

The new Image-Pro Premier 3D offers robust 64-bit support, a user-friendly interface, multi-dimensional visualization, 3D volume measurements, object counting, 3D manual measurements, custom movie making, reporting, and many tools for customizing your workflow.

In addition, research professionals are delighted to discover this application is feature-rich with all the processing and measuring capabilities of Image-Pro Premier, making for a well-rounded 2D analysis package in addition to the 3D abilities. This means users can take advantage of Image Pro Premiers unique features such as Smart Segmentation and custom app development.

Image Pro Premier 3D also affords users the opportunity to automate image analysis with a macro engine built on visual basic programming language. Interested in automated image analysis but not sure about coding? No problem, there is a visual editor available or you can partner with one of W. Nuhsbaum, Inc’s imaging specialists to develop a macro routine to automate any image analysis task, from simple to complex.

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Key Features:
  • Multidimensional viewing of data set to observe a multiple channels, over time, in three dimensions!
  • 3D volume measurement made easy with simple thresholding and reporting tools
  • Object counting in 3D counts features regardless of depth in the sample
  • Movie maker allows users to present data in unique and captivating animated movies