Fluorescence Research Stereo Microscopes

Your goal: high-quality images that allow measurements and can be accurately repeated with minimal effort. The Leica coded stereo microscopes help to achieve correct results with perfect calibration throughout the entire zoom range.

More than meets the eye

  • Coded microscopes consistently deliver calibrated and comparable images
  • Reproduce images in moments with the Leica “Store and Recall” function
  • Fully apochromatic corrected zoom optics deliver high quality images
  • Customize the microscope system to your task with the exclusive range of accessories
Whether your work requires a variety of illumination types, different objectives, or a bigger stand - Nuhsbaum has a solution for everything!
stereomicroscope and controller

M205FCA & M205FA

Encoded zoom and iris is one example of how these fluorescence stereomicroscopes interact with the LASX Software. The user can store settings and recall the parameters they have used in the past to continue to reproduce successful images. With the M205FA fully automated version, the mere push of a key recalls all settings. Image the time savings. No more fumbling with settings to again obtain that perfect image, saving time and increasing productivity of end users. Measurements can be accurately repeated with minimal effort.

View more with FusionOptics

The only fluorescence stereomicroscopes on the market with Fusion Optics. What is Fusion Optics? Simply put, it is having the best of both worlds in Stereomicroscopy. One light path produces resolution, the other light path produces depth of field and your brain produces the final image. Imagine a 3D image with more depth of field and 475 nm resolution.

fusion optics by leica
leica triple beam technology

TripleBeam technology

TripleBeam technology completely eliminates this background “noise” by introducing a third optical zoom. This separates the fluorescence excitation light from the two observation channels and omits the need for a dichroic mirror. The result is a clear and strong fluorescence signal against a noise-free, black background.