Leica A60S & A60F stereomicroscopes

Productivity and high precision are required in industrial production such as electronic components or medical devices.

There is nothing routine about these inspection microscopes. The intuitive A60 F and A60 S stereo microscopes fulfill what you need – high sample throughput, optimum visibility of product details and components, and easy processing of subassemblies.

  • See 80% more of your sample with a 46 mm object field
  • Comfortable access your sample due to the 122 mm working distance
  • Easy handling, less refocusing and time saving with up to 13.6 mm depth of field and Leica FusionOptics technology
  • Enables large surface overview and detailed observation with a magnification range from 5x to 30x

Ergonomic design

The A60 is designed for long periods of continuous use and quickly adapts to different users. With a 38° viewing angle, the A60 allows the user to maintain a natural head posture. The operating elements such as the zoom adjustment, focus knob, and ring light are intuitive and easily accessible, by left and right-handed users alike.

No ordinary inspection microscopes!

See 80% more, work faster and more comfortably, and get things done.
QC inspection using Leica A60 microscope

Increase your efficiency and see every detail

The A60S or A60F reveals up to 80% more of your sample surface area than comparable stereo microscopes. View your sample from overview to the finest details easily with the 46 mm object field.

The A60 is equipped with a bright, uniform and color-neutral LED ring light illumination for optimal brightness and illumination. Identify different colors and detect defects quickly and accurately.

The removable diffuser is recommended when working with highly reflective samples such as metal or soldered joints. The diffused light reduces reflections on metallic surfaces.

Flexible and adaptive to your needs

The Leica A60F "Flexarm" stand gives you the flexibility you need. The flexarm allows you to move the microscope freely in any direction. Quickly make adjustments and lock it in place or move it out of the way.

Heavy-duty table (edge) clamp provides stability to the microscope. With options to bolt direct to the benchtop or mount to a pole stand, we've got every scenario covered.

Leica A60F