Leica DM2700P Research Polarizing Microscope

If you would like to investigate crystalline structures, polarized microscopy will serve you best. Automation will save you time and increase your efficiency. Whether it be minerals, plastics and polymers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, or pigments and cement, with our polarization microscopes you will see what interests you most as a researcher or in quality assurance.

Polarized microscopy for your application:

  • Strain-free optics ensures that the observed birefringence results are from the sample and not the optics
  • LED illumination is crucial for homogenous illumination and constant color temperature
  • Polarizers will make birefringence visible and a rotatable stage enables you to align the sample and optical axis
  • Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation of the optical axis and compensators for measurement

LED illumination saves you money in many ways: It consumes less energy than halogen illumination, and does not need to be replaced like bulbs, causing downtime of your instrument, because it has a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours.
high intensity LED illumination

Cost Saving, Color Safe LED Illumination

All Leica microscopes feature LED illumination for constant color temperature through all stages of intensity.

The cool LED light provides a perfect climate for delicate live specimens. There are no distortions of the device due to heat, which provides unchanged focus.

Moreover, LED lamps make great economic sense. LED technology reduces energy costs. Up to 20 years life cycle (40 working hrs / week) per lamp under regular conditions means less downtime and low maintenance costs.

Get your Nosepiece Around it!

Get different sample information from different magnifications of the 6-objective nosepiece.

  • Use a 2.5x overview objective to identify macro structures in your sample
  • Change to 63x magnification for detailed investigations of optical properties by means of conoscopy
  • Switch to 100x to inspect phase reactions along grain boundaries

point counting mechanical stage for polarized microscope