Leica DM4M & DM6M Materials Microscopes

Increase your work efficiency with the Leica DM4M or Leica DM6M materials and metallurgical digital microscopes! Both are ideally suited to making your work life easier in materials science research and industrial quality control labs alike.

  • Simplify your workflow with automated functions and easy-to-use software
  • Easily capture and measure images with LASX materials science software and fast digital imaging cameras
  • Save time and increase QC efficiency with ease-of-use, push-button and parameter recall technology
  • Have great flexibility through the choice of accessories such as high-resolution EPI optics and every contrast method to handle any sample type

You can configure the microscope that fits your need and budget with the Leica DM4M and Leica DM6M. Optimize your system to your application with different contrast methods, automated functions, or with the illumination you prefer.

Exactly What You Need

Every contrast method available to meet your growing needs!

  • LED illumination lights your sample homogenously and with a constant color temperature, while also saving energy and avoiding bulb changes due to the LED’s lifetime of up to 25,000 hours.
  • Brightfield / Darkfield EPI objectives for reflected light illumination
  • Oblique contrast is built-in to the reflected light axis to show more surface topography and 3D visual affect
  • Polarization with compensaters for full wave and quarter wave circular polarized light
  • Nomarski, DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) to bring out surface features and topography

Free Your Mind!

Focus on the result you would like to achieve rather than the process of getting to it. Intelligent Automation does the work for you: It solves multi-step routines with the press of a button, makes your work life easier, saves time, and allows you to focus on your experiment, not on complex microscope settings.

  • Change contrast with the push of a button – everything you need automatically slides into place.
  • Acquire, document, and measure images in any contrast method
  • Use Store & Recall to simplify your work - making finding your region of interest and imaging as simple as pushing a button