Leica DM500 Compound Microscope

Educational microscope for life science courses Leica DM500. Capable of adding fluorescence and a digital camera for image capture with full software integration.

Geared toward students in biology or 2-4 year college life science classrooms, the Leica DM500 compound microscope is a robust stand, compact and designed to withstand the toughest student use. It is maintenance-free and student-friendly to provide trouble free operation each day.

Stay engaged with cost-effective, high-quality Leica microscopes

Equipped with a mechanical stage to accommodate two specimen slides and labelled Abbe condenser, the DM500 can be configured with rotatable monocular or binocular tubes for shared viewing and easy storage. An integrated camera or trinocular tube with camera can be added so you can go digital.

With 165 years of microscope design and manufacturing experience, the Leica DM500 student microscope provides students with the capabilities they need to study the finest details in all the sciences.

Keeping college or university students engaged in the coursework becomes a lot easier with the Education Solutions from Nuhsbaum and Leica.
all brass gear fully sealed focus knobs by leica
Maintenance free by design

The maintenance free, fully sealed, brass shaft focus mechanism is the same design that is used in Leica's Clinical Microscopes. This provides smooth, accurate focus control over the life of the microscope.

The durable, built-in mechanical stage with low position X/Y controls make it comfortable and accurate for moving slides at high magnifications. With an extended travel range, the stage can hold up to two specimen slides simultaneously.

Your students just got brighter

Leica EZLite™ LED illumination saves the cost of replacement lamps and provides an ultra-bright, cool white light for over 20 years of average use at 80% lower energy consumption.

compound microscope xy stage with slide light and objective
LED light port on microscope base for transmitted light
microscope with image shown on wireless devices
Leica ICC50W camera side view buttons with SD card slot
hand holding an ipad showing medical image
teacher showing slides to class

Digital Classroom, Leica AirTeach

Work with live image thumbnail overviews of all connected microscopes, share up to four images in class or switch to a PowerPoint presentation to vary teaching content.

View and share microscope images via Wi-Fi stream or choose Ethernet Mode for more students to connect to a microscope through the facilities' network connection. The USB mode is helpful for inspection of moving specimens in high speed.