Leica EZ4W & EZ4E

These stereo microscopes provide a wireless education solution to the science classroom. The integrated 5-megapixel cameras can live-stream HD images to students’ smartphones or tablets.

Stay engaged with cost-effective digital stereomicroscopes.

Students can connect to the EZ4W either through its own internal Wi-Fi signal or through the facilities network.

The EZ4E exclusively uses the facilities network (WLAN or LAN) to allow students to connect to the microscope. This is an ideal solution if you don`t want to add additional Wi-Fi access points to your existing wireless network concept.

Keeping college or university students engaged in the coursework becomes a lot easier with the Wi-Fi Education Solutions from Leica Microsystems.

Interactive teaching with AirTeach

Work with live image thumbnail overviews of all connected microscopes, share up to four images in class or switch to a PowerPoint presentation to vary teaching content. More information on Wi-Fi Education Solutions

View and share microscope images via Wi-Fi stream in small groups with the EZ4W, or choose Ethernet Mode for more students to connect to a microscope through the facilities' network connection with the EZ4W or EZ4E. The USB mode is helpful for inspection of moving specimens in high speed.

stereo microscope with integrated camera functions
teacher showing slides to class
hand holding an ipad showing medical image
Leica EZ4_EZ4W_EZ4E illumination
7-way LED illumination for seeing details

Incident, oblique or transmitted? The high-quality illumination of the Leica EZ4W / EZ4E shows all your samples in the right light with good contrast.

Capture images and video

Discover details in natural colors with up to 5.0MP capture resolution and 1080p live image. The integrated Wi-Fi camera of the EZ4W is fast and provides crystal clear imaging direct to your Apple or Android device via Leica AirLab app.

Enlighten your class with fluorescence

There are unlimited applications for fluorescence in the science classroom. With a simple add-on by NIGHTSEA, fluorescence is as economical as it is practical for the lab.

From sorting fluorescing zebrafish embryos to picking Drosophila larvae, bring the "WOW" factor into the classroom with amazing, colorful procedures and experiments.

planaria showing FISH technique by NIGHTSEA
zebrafish expressing dsRed and GFP fluorescence by NIGHTSEA
xenopus expressing GFP
yellow barrier filter on a stereo microscope for fluorescence