ZEISS Axiolab 5 for Materials

Your Microscope for Routine Materialography and Smart Documentation

Digital documentation has never been easier.

Axiolab 5 is the right choice if your routine materialography applications place high demands on ergonomic operation and efficient digital documentation.

Since the Smart Microscopy concept does not require additional imaging software or even a computer, Axiolab 5 is also the first choice from an economic point of view.

Digital Documentation Made Easy

Once you find a region of interest, simply press the Snap button right on the stand to acquire the image. It‘s as easy as that. You can control the microscope and its attached camera without even changing your grip while always focusing on your sample.


  • EEfficient Digital Documentation
  • EEasy to Use
  • ESpace saver
  • EEconomical

Relaxed Lab Work

Axiolab 5 offers you an easy handling, ergonomic user concept that‘s adapted to your lab routine. You can access all the main controls with just one hand, including the Snap button, stage drive, focus adjustment, and brightness control.

More Economic and Reliable

Save lab space and costs as Axiolab 5 does not require an additional computer and software. The Smart Microscopy concept also enables Axiolab 5 to be operated by both expert and non-expert users, always assuring short time to reliable data.