15% Off a New Leica LMD Purchase

Leica LMD 6

Trade-up your laser capture microdissection system and save up to 15% off the purchase of a new Leica LMD 6 or LMD 7 purchase. Take on the new application you need to address such as live cell cutting or cut through bone with the powerful laser on the Lei ca LMD 7. As with any Leica LMD system you can increase your collection rates by upgrading to a gravity driven collection system.

Key Features:
  • Fast and precise cuts – laser beam movement via optics
  • Contact and contamination-free – specimen collection by gravity
  • Dissect all specimen shapes and sizes
  • Capture an unlimited number of specimens
  • Use standard consumables

  • The terms for trade in are generous, even laser microdissection systems from other manufacturers qualify! Of course, if you have a Leica LMD system, fully configured Leica LMD systems are accepted for trade-in. Systems do not need to even be functional! Please complete the form for full details from W. Nuhsbaum, Inc.

    Additional Details:

    Offer valid until December 31st, 2016. Only available in the United States. Additional restrictions apply.

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