Try the DMi1 FREE for 15 Days!


Get the results you want and the efficiency you need from your live cell imaging workflow, all with the new Leica DMi1 inverted microscope. Its unique flexibility, made possible with flexible condenser options and digital imaging documentation features, allows for configuration of the microscope specifically for your needs. The end result? A customized solution just right for your lab.

And now, while supplies last, you can try the DMi1 in your own lab FREE for 15 days! The opportunity to try it before you buy it doesn’t come along every day, so act fast!

Why we love the DMi1:

  • Easy-to-use operation that requires minimal training and maintenance
  • Cool, color-safe LED illumination for constant color temperature
  • Easy phase contrast: 10x, 20x, and 40x objectives share the same light ring
  • HD imaging – connect the HD camera directly to a monitor or PC; providing high-quality publication images
  • Flexible working distance up to 80 mm for accommodating slides, petri dishes, multi-well dishes, and taller flasks
  • Just how easy to use is it? See for yourself in this video by Leica Microsystems!

    Additional Details: Available while supplies last. Additional rules and restrictions apply. Only available for the US and Canada. Customer must have an account in good standing with Leica Microsystems to qualify. Return shipping back to Leica Microsystems must be scheduled on or before the 15th day of the trial to avoid charges. Contact W. Nuhsbaum for complete details.

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