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42 years serving the microscope community, Nuhsbaum is excited to be partnered with ZEISS. Nothing but clear ZEISS blue skies ahead!

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For over 40 years, W. Nuhsbaum, Inc. has remained consistent and dedicated to its founding principles of delivering top quality microscopes and microscope products throughout the Midwest.

As a result, universities, hospitals, research institutions and industrial clients have chosen Nuhsbaum for microscopes, microscopy products, and imaging equipment. Most of whom remain customers for life because of the unparalleled service and expertise offered by Nuhsbaum’s microscope sales, support, and service team.

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Nuhsbaum delivers the highest-quality microscopes from routine to advanced imaging systems. Including a wide range of microscope accessories to fit your needs.
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Nuhsbaum is your source for personalized microscope and imaging support. With a team of microscope sales, support, and service representatives across the Midwest, Nuhsbaum is positioned to assist with microscope repair, optical cleaning, and software support. Nuhsbaum services ALL brands of microscopes
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5 Essential Tips for Choosing Student Microscopes

Did you know that one of the first documented uses of a microscope dates back to approximately 1600? Since then, they have only become more complex and widely used. Educational professionals sometimes have trouble choosing the ideal student microscopes, however. So,...

How to Choose a Stereo Microscope for Your Lab

How to Choose a Stereo Microscope for Your Lab

The first microscope as we know it today was invented in the 1600s. Ever since then, this device has only become more and more important in recent years. After all, a stereo microscope is important for all sorts of applications in the lab. But how should you go about...

Comparing Different Types of Compound Microscopes

Comparing Different Types of Compound Microscopes

Did you know that the microscope industry is currently worth more than 1.3 billion USD? Needless to say, the microscope industry is booming and is only expected to grow in the coming years. This may not be surprising since microscopes are extremely helpful tools that...

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