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Dissecting Microscope Recommendations

Mar 8, 2021

With so many options on the market, how do you find the right dissecting microscope? Nuhsbaum carries the top brand of microscopes, so read about our stereo microscope recommendations for animal surgery, dissection and necropsy.

Dissecting microscope features to look for

There are a few features of dissecting microscopes that will make your job easier and your work higher quality. These are some of the basic features to look for:

  • FusionOptics: Keep you hands on your tools and see more of your specimen in focus without having to constantly adjust focus. Allows for precision animal surgery or necropsy by combining high resolution with excellent depth of field.
  • LED Illumination: LEDs are becoming the new standard for microscope illumination. While they can be a bit more expensive up front, they are long lasting, maintenance free, and provide true-color illumination.
  • Built-in Ergonomics: A much-appreciated quality-of-life improvement the can reduce fatigue and body strain caused by poor posture. It can make a significant difference if microscope use is core to your job functions.
  • Flexibility: A swing arm or flex arm stand can also help with the ergonomics of your model. Especially if you will be working with a variety of specimens, the flexibility of your workspace can add a lot of comfort to your workflow.

Recommended dissecting microscope models

Leica A60S & A60F stereomicroscopes

Productivity and high precision are required in industrial production such as electronic components or medical devices.

There is nothing routine about these inspection microscopes. The intuitive A60 F and A60 S stereo microscopes fulfill what you need – high sample throughput, optimum visibility of product details and components, and easy processing of subassemblies.

  • See 80% more of your sample with a 46 mm object field
  • Comfortable access your sample due to the 122 mm working distance
  • Easy handling, less refocusing and time saving with up to 13.6 mm depth of field and Leica FusionOptics technology
  • Enables large surface overview and detailed observation with a magnification range from 5x to 30x

Leica S9E, S9D, and S9i Stereomicroscopes

Continuously improving production, keeping defect rates low, and fulfilling customer requests in order to stay competitive can be very challenging. Leica has developed the S9 stereomicroscope series to help you cope with these challenges.

The S-Series offers a number or robust features:

  • See more in Z: Exclusive FusionOptics technology from Leica provides high resolution with high depth of field, with 9:1 zoom, 6.1x-55x magnification, 250 lp/mm resolution and 122mm working distance.
  • Easy training: Camera-ready or integrated camera configurations add versatility for training and sharing.
  • Easy documentation: Leica software is included for quick, easy, and repeatable measurements and documentation.

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