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Leica DMi8 C: Work faster with the 0.7X lens

Jan 4, 2016

Microscope Marco Polo: Why the 0.7X lens on your DMi8 C helps you find what you are looking for

For years metallurgists have preferred inverted microscopes for sample leveling simplicity and the ability to accommodate large materials. However, one of the major sources of frustration with inverted microscopes is the inability of the user to quickly scan a sample before switching lenses for increased magnification and inspection.

On an upright microscope, the user simply needs to look down at the sample on the stage to get a quick perspective on the sample location, but on an inverted, the user needs to do handstands to see the sample under the stage and around the objective lenses.

Short of enrolling in gymnastic classes, there is no convenient way to look under the microscope stage. This inconvenience persists on modern inverted microscopes. That is, until recently when Leica introduced the DMi8 with a new tube lens and a 0.7X macro lens. The improvements in the microscope optics and objective lens provide an incredible 36mm field of view, which rivals the perspective provided by stereo microscopes!

Provide Perspective for Reports

The benefits of a 0.7X lens are simple: scan samples for defects, features, and areas of interest faster and more efficiently, thus saving you time and the company money. An added benefit is that you will look like a genius when users can provide engineers and executives with concise reports they can see and understand.

The cliché of “a picture is worth 1,000 words” applies when the 0.7X lens is used to provide perspective for reports. When combined with Leica Application Suite (LAS) software, the 0.7X lens can provide a large overview image to go with a high magnification image that highlight subtle details. Combining the two images is made easy with LAS Analysis Suite which includes LAS Extended Annotation. With LAS Extended Annotation, users can easily overlay a high magnification image onto the large low magnification image acquired with the 0.7X lens. With easy to interpret information from LAS Analysis, engineers and executives can make decisions quickly and easily.

Make Big Measurements

With the Leica DMi8 C, 0.7X lens, and LAS Analysis software, users can make measurements on a macro scale. Is the feature of interest larger than the field of view? Is the measurement made at higher magnification missing the perspective of a related feature?

Make big measurements with the 0.7X lens and the Leica DMi8 C inverted microscope. Since the Leica DMi8 C comes in two configurations with digital coding, lens calibration updates automatically depending on the position of the microscope. Therefore, regardless of whether measurements are made with the 100X lens or 0.7X lens, scale bars and measurements will be mistake-free.

Save Big with Leica Promotions

With the introduction of the Leica DMi8 C, Leica is offering the analysis package for Leica Application Suite free of charge. This allows users to make 2D measurements to manually measure distance, area, and points with a simplified reporting process at the end. Users can also create threshold profiles and with the use of filters, automatically count features in one or 100 images!

Since the images have embedded calibration data from the microscope objective lens, users can make measurements without calibrating images. Engineers can trust the accuracy because Leica’s intelligent automation has eliminated user error.

Trust W. Nuhsbaum, Inc.

Through years of customer feedback, Leica Microsystems has developed an inverted microscope that addresses the needs of metallurgists in the Leica DMi8 C. With the power of the 0.7X lens, users have unprecedented perspective of their samples, and with the current Analysis promotion, users have never had a better opportunity to invest in a new digital inverted microscope.

Of course, the best microscope, camera and software in the world would be useless without the knowledge, training services, and expertise of the sales representatives and imaging specialists at W. Nuhsbaum, Inc. Contact your local representative to learn more about the Leica DMi8 C, 0.7X lens, and the current Analysis promotion that will save you more than $3,100.

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