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Material Science Microscopes

Apr 22, 2021

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A Quick Overview

Material science is truly an interdisciplinary field. It combines chemistry, physics, chemistry, and engineering in order to advance the discovery of new materials. The field is actually quite old, stemming back from as early as the Enlightenment period as researchers explored metallurgy and mineralogy. Material science as we are familiar with it today took shape in the 1940s and has become one of the hottest areas of study in engineering. From lighter and stronger metals to folding, ultra-thin glass, material science is completely revolutionizing the way we interact with the world! Here are some recommended material science microscopes for advancing the field.

Recommended Material Science Microscopes from Nuhsbaum

Leica DM2700P Research Polarizing Microscope

The Leica DM2700P is an excellent choice for material science researchers. If you would like to investigate crystalline structures, polarized microscopy will serve you best. This model also comes out-of-the-box with automation features that will save you time and increase your efficiency. Whether it be minerals, plastics and polymers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, or pigments and cement, with our polarization microscopes you will see what interests you most as a researcher or in quality assurance.

Here are a few of the robust features included in this model:

  • Strain-free optics ensures that the observed birefringence results are from the sample and not the optics
  • LED illumination is crucial for homogenous illumination and constant color temperature
  • Polarizers will make birefringence visible and a rotatable stage enables you to align the sample and optical axis
  • Bertrand lens for conoscopic observation of the optical axis and compensators for measurement

Leica DVM6

The Leica DVM6 is perfect for those working in quality control/assurance, failure analysis, research and development, or in forensics. Searching for the detail can take up a lot of your time in microscopy, but the Leica DVM6 has a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve in order to simplify your workflow. The DVM6 digital microscope is a fast, reliable and easy to use solution that combines outstanding optics, intuitive operation, and smart software to save you time.

Here are some of the enhanced features that are included in this model:

  • Zoom range is continuously encoded and calibrated
  • All instrument components are sensor-controlled
  • All settings saved with every image, e.g. illumination, position, magnification
  • Create a report for 2D and 3D measurements with one click

Leica DMi8 M / C / A

Speaking of cutting edge research: being ahead of the competition is what drives your business. No matter if you work in metallography, medical device manufacturing or microelectronics, speed is essential. Tailor this highly modular inverted microscope to your needs. Combine Leica optical quality, a wide range of contrast modes, and intuitive software in one system to help you speed up your workflow.

Benefit from the cost-effective manual version of the Leica DMi8:

  • 6-fold M25 objective turret
  • Contrast techniques: Brightfield, Polarization, and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
  • LED illumination for all contrast modes

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