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Microscopes and Imaging for Cytopathology

Dec 14, 2020

Tried and true research methods are our best resource in advancing medicine. A phrase that has stuck with me over the years is “you can’t improve what you can’t measure.” And those words of wisdom seem especially true in medicine. How do we measure, quantify, and qualify our problems in healthcare? Here’s how microscopes are the making huge advancements in imaging for cytopathology.

Imaging for Cytopathology

Of course, microscopes are key in measuring our problems. But new research techniques extend their capabilities. There’s a field where microscopes and research go hand in hand: cytopathology. Cytopathology samples free cells or tissue fragments diagnose cancers and infectious diseases. Like histopathology, it is another form of diagnostic measures. Moreover, spares patients from invasive surgical procedures.

So, how can we use imaging for cytopathology to aid in the fight against cancer? There are two main techniques: conventional cytology and liquid-based cytology. The American Family Physician Journal warns conventional methods can have misleading results. But, liquid-based cytology rinses cervical cells in preservatives. This means blood obscuring materials are separated.

The Future of Cytopathology

Our results are only as good as our sample. New methods of obtaining specimens are advancing with each year. Once collected, lab technicians use powerful clinical microscopes to begin the analysis. Nuhsbaum is the Midwest’s trusted provider of clinical microscopes. We sell the world’s most trusted brands in the image analysis industry. For example, the Leica DM750 Compound Microscope adds digital capture to ease research. It can also improve the documentation of clinical findings and share results.

Understanding the problem is half the battle. Microscopes can be our best ally in the fight against diseases like cancer, HPV, and more. Microscopes are more than a tool, they’re a part of the solution. Just as the medical field advances and evolves, so too does the field of microscopy. Stay tuned to our latest blogs to learn more about how Nuhsbaum is supplying the best solutions to the world’s leading medical facilities.

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