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Nuhsbaum Distributing NIGHTSEA is Exciting!

Jan 19, 2017

Fluorescence for everyone!

Fluorescence is a critical component to biology research and has a significant number of applications in forensic sciencematerials science, and industry. Fluorescence microscopy is literally everywhere. It has become so important that some labs have capacity issues with lengthy sign up sheets. Although it’s a critical technique many educators have budget limitations that prevent them from purchasing a fluorescent microscope to introduce the concepts of fluorescence microscopy.

Enter NIGHTSEA fluorescence systems. These are designed to adapt to virtually any stereo microscope and be affordable for labs and classrooms from the quality control lab to university research labs.

NIGHTSEA has leveraged the power of LED’s and straightforward filter systems to produce an external gooseneck fluorescence system that is compatible with most of the fluorescent probes used in stereo microscopy.

The system is portable, so it can move between benches, students, microscopes and in some cases, out of the lab and into the field. The system is simple enough for even novice users to operate easily. It’s also very affordable so labs and classrooms can add several systems to existing microscopes.

With NIGHTSEA – Sharing is caring!

All your favorite applications with your favorite microscope!

The applications in biology are endless, however, some labs feel the pressure of fluorescence microscopy throughput than others. There are plenty of C. elegans and Drosophila labs that have rows of benches full of screening and sorting microscopes. These labs often have one or two fluorescence microscopes in a dark room which have a lengthy sign in sheet.

Enter NIGHTSEA! Many labs will benefit from the general screening and sorting on the routine microscopes sitting on the bench. Any sample with abundant fluorescent proteins are visible with NIGHTSEA systems.

Trace evidence stereo microscopes are often configured without fluorescence, however, there are several applications that would benefit from fluorescence! Don’t miss critical material because your existing microscope doesn’t have fluorescence!

Fluorescence in industry? You better believe it and NIGHTSEA is here to help! Identify cracks, fibers, contaminants in materials with fluorescence with NIGHTSEA.

Microscopes are a standard fixture in most science classrooms, however, very few colleges and universities educate students with hands on fluorescence applications. An often-cited obstacle to fluorescence in the classroom is cost. However, with NIGHTSEA the cost can be less than the cost of a single stereo microscope.

When performance matters, save with Leica!

Although NIGHTSEA is an incredible system that works with most fluorescent labels, it doesn’t work for everything. There are plenty of applications that just do not have abundant fluorescent protein – or subtle fluorescent material. In both instances fluorescence will be difficult to detect without a high-power light source and finely tuned fluorescent stereo microscope.

Leica has many competitively priced fluorescent stereomicroscope systems such as the MZ10FM165FC, or M205FA. When combined with demo equipment, a fluorescent stereo microscope can be much more affordable than you think!

Trust W. Nuhsbaum, Inc.

As a market leader in stereo microscopes, Leica is unmatched with options and accessories for student, Greenough, and CMO stereo microscopes. W. Nuhsbaum provides simple turnkey solutions or we can completely customize a Leica system to your specific application.

Trust the sales representatives and imaging specialists at W. Nuhsbaum to configure the perfect stereo microscope for you.

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