ZEISS Axioscope 5

Your Smart Microscope for Biomedical Routine and Research

In the past, documenting samples with multiple fluorescent labels in your routine lab could be time consuming. To get best image quality, you needed to manually switch filters, adjust illumination intensities and exposure times and to snap each single channel image. For four different channels, this could sum up to 15 steps and clicks. With Smart Microscopy, this is a thing of the past. Axioscope 5 with Axiocam 202 mono and Colibri 3 LED illumination take this workload from you. You don’t even need to move your hands from the microscope stand anymore. All you have to do is focus and press Snap – and you’re done! You can now concentrate on the essence of your job and let Axioscope 5 work for you. You’ll work more efficiently, save time and produce high contrast images with best image quality.

4 Multichannel Fluorescence Channels with Just One Click

Acquiring fluorescent images has never been so easy. Combine Axioscope 5 with the LED light source Colibri 3 and the sensitive, standalone microscope camera Axiocam 202 mono to have the perfect setup for easy multichannel fluorescence documentation.
Switch effortlessly between the channels for UV, blue, green and red excitation. Just select the relevant channels and press Snap. The system then takes over and automatically adjusts the exposure time, acquires the image, switches the channel and starts again. That’s it: you get your overlayed multichannel fluorescence image including scale bar – even without a PC.


  • E4 Multichannel Fluorescence Channels
  • EFaster Digital Documentation
  • EHomogenous Illumination
  • EBarcode reader with Smart Microscopy in stand-alone mode
  • EFor routine as well as for research applications in:Biology research, Human & veterinary medicine, Microbiology, Plant Sciences & Botany, Forensics

Smart Microscopy Makes Digital Documentation Faster

Axioscope 5 makes documenting your specimens very efficient. The color impression shows up in the camera image exactly the same as it appears through the eyepieces. This smart microscope makes automatic adjustments for brightness and white balance to keep digital documentation easy. All you have to do is focus on your sample, press the ergonomic Snap button on the microscope, and that’s it.

Benefit from Homogenous Illumination

Axioscope 5 uses its LED to provide powerful illumination with high color fidelity. You will clearly see the subtle differences in your sample. And experience all the advantages of LED illumination such as

  • stable color temperature,
  • low energy consumption
  • long lifetime

Axioscope 5 comes with a light intensity manager that produces uniform brightness at all magnifications. Adjusting lamp brightness when you change magnification is a thing of the past. That saves you time and reduces eye fatigue, too.