ZEISS Axioscope 7

Your Microscope for Research and Routine in the Materials Lab

  • Turnkey solution for materials research and metallography
  • Reliable results thanks to advanced light management
  • Full motorization of the motion axes for automated imaging

The Axioscope upright light microscope was designed specifically to meet the most common optical imaging requirements of materials laboratories. Axioscope is the right choice if your routine inspection tasks place high demands on usability, reproducibility and automation – and you also need advanced optical microscopy for materials analysis and metallography. Being a complete material laboratory solution, Axioscope is also the first choice from an economic point of view.

Affordable High Performance

Axioscope – with its outstanding usability and advanced automation features – is ideal for demanding routine tasks. And, even at its attractive price, it also offers powerful capabilities commonly associated with more advanced research light microscopes.

Reliable Results

With coded components and advanced light management, Axioscope delivers trustworthy, reproducible results. Moreover, the motorized Axioscope 7 gives you the ability to fully automate investigative workflows – so it is quick to become the lab favorite.

Digital Integration

With the Axiocam camera portfolio and ZEN 2 core imaging software, Axioscope becomes a powerful digital documentation system. From device control – to image capture, analysis and documentation – to archiving your analytics, Axioscope delivers a fully digitized workflow.


  • EAffordable
  • EReliable
  • EErgonamical controls

A Turnkey Metallography Solution

Axioscope is performance-ready, with all features working in concert to deliver a complete metallography solution for the materials laboratory: cameras as the most important interface for digitizing your sample data, lenses with application-specific properties, and an imaging software specially developed for materials research and metallography.

Imaging Software with Integrated Materials Modules
ZEN core is your command center for automated imaging and analysis functions. Modules for the determination of grain sizes, phases and layer thicknesses, as well as for the classification of graphite particles, enable Axioscope to provide all meaningful metallographic applications under a uniform user interface.

Easy to Use for Powerful Workflow Efficiencies

Ergonomic Operating Concept
Axioscope is designed to make everyday operations as comfortable and safe as possible. Important controls – like focus drive, stage drive, light manager and image capture – are arranged on both sides such that they can be operated without overworking either hand.

Easy Image Acquisition
Using the snap button, digital image acquisition is easy. Simply press this ergonomically located button, and you can acquire images while maintaining control over position, magnification or contrast. In this way, the microscopic examination can be fully documented, while you always keep the sample in view.