ZEISS Axioscan 7 for Geology

ZEISS Axioscan 7 for Geology

Scan, Analyze, Share: Elevate Your Research with the ZEISS Axioscan 7 Automated Microscopy System

Introducing the ZEISS Axioscan 7, the epitome of advanced microscopy designed for today’s evolving research landscape. Swiftly digitize massive collections without compromising on detail or accuracy, ensuring that every nuance of your specimens is captured. Acquire comprehensive petrographic data with unparalleled precision, providing a depth of insight previously unattainable. Moreover, the Axioscan 7’s virtual petrographic microscope feature empowers you to collaborate seamlessly, sharing your findings and analyses with colleagues worldwide. Embrace a new era of petrographic research, where efficiency meets excellence.

In the intricate realm of petrographic research, every minute detail matters, and having the right tool is paramount. With the ZEISS Axioscan 7, you’re not just investing in a microscope but embracing a complete solution that propels your research into a new age of discovery.

Swift Digitization at Scale

One of the standout features of the Axioscan 7 is its unmatched ability to swiftly digitize vast collections. No longer will extensive sample sets bog down your workflow. Instead, with rapid scanning capabilities paired with ZEISS’s renowned optical precision, large sample batches are transformed into high-resolution digital datasets in record time. This means more time analyzing and less time preparing, ensuring your research moves at the pace you desire.

Comprehensive Data Acquisition

Acquiring complete petrographic data has never been this intuitive. The Axioscan 7, backed by advanced imaging technologies, ensures that every aspect of your specimen, from the subtlest textures to the most intricate mineral distributions, is captured with impeccable clarity. Whether you’re conducting qualitative assessments or quantitative analyses, trust that the Axioscan 7 provides a depth of information that’s truly unparalleled.

Collaboration Reimagined with Virtual Petrography

In today’s interconnected world, collaboration is crucial. The Axioscan 7 revolutionizes this aspect with its virtual petrographic microscope feature. Now, sharing your findings, datasets, or even live observations with colleagues across the globe becomes a seamless experience. Dive into interactive discussions, get expert opinions, or co-author groundbreaking research, all facilitated by the virtual capabilities of the Axioscan 7.

With the ZEISS Axioscan 7 at the heart of your lab, you’re not just keeping pace with the advancements in petrography; you’re leading them. Embrace this new era, where technology and research merge, and where your discoveries know no boundaries.

ZEISS Axioscan 7 Specifications

Optical System:

  • High-resolution objectives for detailed petrographic analyses.
  • Multi-modal imaging capabilities encompassing various contrasting techniques.

Digitization Capabilities:

  • Rapid scanning features for swift digitization of large sample sets.
  • Intelligent auto-focus to ensure consistent image clarity across samples.

Camera & Imaging:

  • High-resolution camera options tailored for petrography (e.g., CMOS sensors).
  • Advanced image stitching for large sample areas, ensuring seamless digital reconstructions.


  • Advanced LED illumination with adjustable intensity and color temperature.
  • Uniform light distribution for consistent and reliable sample visualization.

Software & Analysis:

  • Comprehensive image analysis suite tailored for petrographic studies.
  • Automated mineral identification and quantitative analysis capabilities.
  • Virtual petrographic microscope feature for collaborative studies.

Stage & Ergonomics:

  • Motorized XY stage for automated scanning and systematic analyses.
  • Fine-tuned ergonomics for prolonged research sessions without fatigue.

Build & Durability:

  • Robust construction suitable for demanding lab environments.
  • Vibration-resistant design ensuring consistent imaging.

Connectivity & Collaboration:

  • Integrated networking capabilities for remote collaboration and data sharing.
  • Compatible with cloud-based platforms for secure data storage and access.

ZEISS Axioscan 7 Description

Delve deep into the transformative world of the ZEISS Axioscan 7, a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and meticulous engineering tailored for the demanding field of petrography.

Rapidly Digitize Massive Collections

Gone are the days of time-consuming, piece-by-piece sample analysis. The Axioscan 7 effortlessly processes vast collections, rapidly transforming them into high-definition digital datasets. This swift digitization doesn’t just accelerate your research but also ensures you capture every detail in its pristine form.

Generate Complete Petrographic Data

Ensuring comprehensive petrographic analysis, the Axioscan 7 provides an immersive, all-encompassing data acquisition system. From the subtle intricacies of mineral structures to expansive rock formations, acquire data that’s both extensive and precise, empowering you to derive insights that were previously out of reach.

Collaborate across Borders with Your Virtual Microscope

Research is no longer confined to the physical boundaries of a laboratory. With the virtual microscope feature of the Axioscan 7, collaborate in real-time with experts and peers across the globe. Share observations, engage in discussions, and co-author studies, all while sitting at your workstation.

Unique Technologies for Automated Petrography

At the heart of the Axioscan 7 lies a suite of proprietary technologies, each meticulously crafted for automated petrography. From intelligent auto-focus mechanisms to advanced mineral identification algorithms, witness automation like never before, ensuring efficiency without compromising on accuracy.

A Variety of Super-fast Imaging Modes

Adapt to your research needs with an array of imaging modes. Whether you’re in need of a quick overview scan or a deep dive into a mineral’s intricate details, the Axioscan 7 delivers with unparalleled speed, ensuring you always have the right tool for the task at hand.

Visualize Complex Digitized Petrographic Data

Data is only as good as its interpretation. The Axioscan 7, with its advanced visualization tools, brings your digitized petrographic datasets to life. Navigate through detailed reconstructions, annotate on-the-go, and generate comprehensive reports, all through an intuitive interface.


The Axioscan 7 isn’t confined to just one avenue of petrographic research. Its versatility extends across myriad applications, from sedimentology, paleontology, and mineral exploration to petrochemical research and more. Whatever your niche, the Axioscan 7 is adeptly equipped to elevate your studies.

Step into a realm where technology serves as a trusted ally to your research aspirations. The ZEISS Axioscan 7 is more than just a microscope—it’s a comprehensive petrographic solution designed to meet the challenges of the modern world. Let your discoveries shine like never before.