ZEISS LSM 900 Confocal for Materials

Versatile Confocal Microscope for Advanced Imaging and Surface Topography

ZEISS LSM 900, the confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) from ZEISS, is the one instrument you will need for materials analysis. Characterize 3D microstructures surfaces topography in your lab or multi-user facility. Combine all essential light microscopy contrasting techniques for materials with high precision topography. Save time on set-up as there is no need to change microscopes. Execute non-contact confocal imaging when evaluating surface roughness. LSM 900 is the ideal tool for a multi-user facility. Extend your upright light microscope, ZEISS Axio Imager.Z2m or your inverted light microscope ZEISS Axio Observer 7, with a confocal scanning module.

The Confocal Principle
Image Your Entire Sample in 3D

Learn how LSM 900, your confocal laser scanning microscope works: It uses laser light in a confocal beam path to capture defined optical sections of your sample. The sections are combined in a three-dimensional image stack. Its aperture (usually called a pinhole) is arranged in such a way that out-of-focus information will be blocked and only in-focus information can be detected.


  • ECombine light microscopical and confocal imaging
  • EInvestigate your sample efficiently
  • EExpand your imaging range
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Combine Light Microscopical and Confocal Imaging

LSM 900, your high-end confocal platform, is made for demanding materials applications, both in 2D and 3D.


  • Characterize topographic structures and evaluate surface roughness with non-contact confocal imaging​
  • Determine the thickness of coatings and thin films non-destructively​
  • Use a range of imaging techniques including polarization and fluorescence in optical contrast or in confocal mode​
  • Characterize metallographic specimens in reflected light or thin section of rock or polymer in transmitted light

Investigate Your Sample Efficiently

Reduce set-up times and speed up your time-to-result by performing analyses and imaging without having to change microscopes.


  • Optimize your processes with automated data acquisition at multiple positions on your sample​
  • Simply define a region of interest (ROI) on your overview image and acquire only the area you need​
  • You have the advantage of full flexibility in size and orientation of the ROI with a scanning field of 6144 x 6144 pixels​
  • Take full control of your data and their post-processing
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Expand Your Imaging Range​

 A confocal unit extends your widefield investigations capacity:


  • Upgrade your Axio Imager.Z2m or your Axio Observer 7 with LSM 900 and take advantage of its versatility in hardware, e.g. objectives, stages and illumination as well as software and interfaces​
  • Add ZEISS ZEN Intellesis, a machine learning-based solution for image segmentation and identify phases​
  • Or add ZEISS ZEN Connect to overlay and organize images from any source when performing multi-modal experiments​
  • Or perform smart data management with ZEISS ZEN Data Storage
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