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The best college microscopes

Nov 16, 2020

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The challenge with buying college microscopes is balancing affordability, durability, and quality all in one product. You need to find an option that is affordable enough so that your lab is appropriately stocked, durable enough so that they survive significant wear and tear, and quality enough that you can teach advanced skills.

Luckily, here at Nuhsbaum, we’ve worked with dozens of customers in this exact same scenario. In order to make purchasing college microscopes a breeze, we’ve put together the following purchasing guidelines.

Leica DM300 Compound Microscope

For students in introductory biology or 2-4 year college life science classrooms, the Leica DM300 compound microscope is compact, maintenance-free and easy to use to provide trouble free operation each day. Equipped with a mechanical stage to accommodate two specimen slides and labelled Abbe condenser, the DM300 can be configured with rotatable monocular or binocular tubes for shared viewing and easy storage. A trinocular tube and camera can be added so you can go digital. With 165 years of microscope design and manufacturing experience, the Leica DM300 student microscope provides students with the capabilities they need to study the finest details in all the sciences. It really is a great balance of price, build, and technical advancement.

Leica EZ4W & EZ4E

For something a little more advanced, the EZ4W and the EZ4E are great choices. These stereo microscopes provide a wireless education solution to the science classroom. The integrated 5-megapixel cameras can live-stream HD images to students’ smartphones or tablets. Students can connect to the EZ4W either through its own internal Wi-Fi signal or through the facilities network.

The EZ4E exclusively uses the facilities network (WLAN or LAN) to allow students to connect to the microscope. This is an ideal solution if you don’t want to add additional Wi-Fi access points to your existing wireless network concept. These products are also suitable for advanced imaging techniques such as fluorescent microscopy. With a simple add-on by NIGHTSEA, fluorescence is as economical as it is practical for the lab. From sorting fluorescing zebrafish embryos to picking Drosophila larvae, bring the “WOW” factor into the classroom with amazing, colorful procedures and experiments.

Leica DM750M Materials Microscope

The world of microscopy doesn’t stop at the life sciences, however. Materials science classrooms can greatly benefit from advanced products such as the Leica DM750M. Capable of analyzing and identifying all types of industrial materials using polarized reflected light and patented oblique illumination. Document your results with a digital camera for image capture with full software integration. Geared toward material science applications in both classrooms, industrial, and research laboratories, the Leica DM750M microscope is a robust stand, compact and designed to withstand the toughest student use. It is maintenance-free and student-friendly to provide trouble free operation each day.

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