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The best digital stereomicroscope you can get!

Apr 4, 2020

Source: Leica

The Leica S9i leads its class of stereomicroscopy with its unique blend of superior optics and modern imaging. The zoom range is greater and the camera resolution is higher than similar competitor models. Using these advantages, the S9i has become the most popular stereomicroscope.

Used in a variety of applications, the S9i covers anything from animal dissection to jewel appraisal to microelectronics inspection to medical device assembly. With its integrated, built-in camera, quickly find your region of interest and see the live image as seen through the eyepieces. Parfocality is spot on! The S9i even gives the higher-end CMO models a run for their money. Let’s talk about all the features that make the S9i the best digital stereomicroscope you can get in this price/performance range.

Get clarity, save time

The clarity of the optics is the most standout feature of the S9i that my customers notice. The S9i is equipped with planapochromatic internal lenses, which correct for both chromatic and spherical aberrations common in everyday stereomicroscopes. Features in the eyepieces appear as close to reality as possible thanks to this optical engineering system. The system employs patented FusionOptics, which combines depth of field and resolution for absolute clarity of more of your sample at one time. Superior zoom range (9:1), along with FusionOptics, allows the user to go from micro to macro by adjusting the magnification dial without having to continually focus the microscope. Increasing productivity by 20% to save you time and money. With a vast total optical magnification range in the eyepieces (3-110x possible standard oculars), users can choose what part of the spectrum will be ideal for their application. The wide range of supplementary lenses can effectively give users the ability to work with massive 200 mm of working distance.

Go Digital!

Digital imaging has been growing exponentially, and the S9i stereomicroscope accounts for that with an integrated 10 MP CMOS camera built into its head. This camera can be connected to computers and monitors in order to display a live image of the sample. From these screens, one can acquire images, take videos, and make measurements. The camera has made the S9i an ideal tool for teaching purposes. Instead of the bulky two-head systems of yesterday, this microscope’s capability to hook up to a monitor allows groups of colleagues to stand around and see what the user is seeing. Along with having Greenough optics, integration of the camera is an important factor in driving down the price of the unit. The S9i is the most cost-effective piece of equipment and provides the most bang-for-your-buck of any of the Leica stereoscopes in terms of quality and ability to document quickly and produce publication quality images. The S9i is used everywhere from universities to jewelers to industrial accounts to government research institutions. Consider it for your next microscopy workstation and let the lenses do the talking!

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