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Three great student microscopes

Feb 21, 2021

Why do school continually partner with Nuhsbaum when it comes to student microscopes? Simply put, we partner with the most reputable brands and offer the best customer service!

If you’re looking to add new microscopes to the classroom, you may be overwhelmed with options. But have no fear — here are three spectacular recommendations for student microscopes!

Leica S9 Student Microscopes

Leica has developed the S9 stereomicroscope series with convenience in mind. There are different variations suitable for a wide range of customers.

Sample inspection and manipulation under the microscope can be conveniently performed with the 122 mm working distance of all S9 stereo microscopes. This means that there is plenty of space available for tools that make classroom activities easier!

Moreover, for analog microscope inspections the S9 E is an indispensable asset. It provides a cost effective solution with fast return on investment.

Like all other S9 stereo microscopes, it offers:

  • 12 mm depth of field and FusionOptics technology for a natural viewing perception and fast results
  • 6.1x-55x magnification and a 9:1 zoom range for quick changes from overview to details
  • 122 mm working distance for convenient and ergonomic manipulations under the microscope
  • Click-stops to work with reproducible zoom settings
  • Apochromatically corrected optics to reduce color fringes

Do you sometimes find it difficult to work only through the eyepieces of the microscope? With the digital functionality of the S9 i, S9 D, and S APO you don’t have to choose between screen or eyepieces. You can quickly scan through samples using a large screen view and check on details through the eyepieces of the microscope.

Leica DM750P Polarizing Microscope

The Leica DM750P is one of many excellent student microscopes for earth science education and research. In particular, this model is capable of analyzing rock thin sections and identifying minerals using conoscopy.

Furthermore, keeping college or university students engaged in the coursework becomes a lot easier with the help of this model. You can document your results with a digital camera for image capture with full software integration. This is perfect for remote learning and sharing your results.

With Leica AirTeach, you can work with live image thumbnail overviews of all connected microscopes. As a result, you can quickly share live and captured images in class — in person or online.

Leica DM500 Compound Student Microscopes

Lastly, the DM500 is perfect for life science courses. Capable of adding fluorescence and a digital camera, this model promises beautiful results!

The Leica DM500 compound microscope has a robust stand and is designed to withstand the toughest student use. It is maintenance-free to provide trouble free operation each day. Also, it can be configured with monocular or binocular tubes for shared viewing. An integrated camera can be added so you can go digital.

With 165 years of microscope design and manufacturing experience, the Leica DM500 student microscope provides students with the capabilities they need to study the finest details in all the sciences.

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